Sunday, January 13, 2013

B U S Y - N E S S

So, I could never really imagine that the word ‘busy’ would become so much a part of my life. Maybe I am exaggerating or maybe it’s true. It’s just that I am too busy to think if I am really busy or what. I think I always wanted to be busy…I mean, there was a time when I would work as a freelance writer and stay home all day long. I would have given a billion dollars (If I ever had this much), just to stay busy. However, today things are pretty different.

Alas! Being busy is good…it’s like being busy with something productive. Last night, when I went to bed, I pondered over a number of things that happened last week, I was hit by an idea so BIG that I would rather refer to it as my theory – Amna’s BIG BUSY Theory or something…(Looks like PSM has really inspired me!)

Now the theory runs like this – there is a fine line between being busy and being occupied. And I am actually occupied…now that seems fatal to me!!! By being occupied I mean, I am concentrating on too many things at a time, and that is causing inefficiency and unsatisfactory outcomes. I better hold my nerves!

I wake up at 7:45, when my roommate calls out my name…“Amnaaaaa” From that time onward till 5 o’clock, I am on a constant run, and so is everybody else around me. Finally, when the day is over, I come back to my room and without a second’s delay, I throw myself in my not-so-accommodating bed. And that’s when I sleep with two possible states of mind. One is a combination of frustration, disgust and hope and other being a mixture of joy, elation and hope. So, the hope part is constant, rest keeps altering.

By the time I wake up, it’s dinner time. That’s when the real test of nerves start…Frankly speaking, my friends and I hate the food at the mess. So, we keep munching on the idea of getting pizzas or burgers delivered. Most of the times, the temptation wins and we treat our taste buds with something they love. After that, it is a lazy time, when we chat and chat and chat and chat…our minds occupied, our tongues untied, and our legs shaking ‘coz our minds are so occupied they don’t synchronize with our tongues. Thus, they cause anxiety. That leaves me with a thought that I am occupied but not busy.I have become fond of leaving things to the last moment, and wait for them to come out in the best way. Is that even reasonable to think?

Just as I lied down to sleep, while pondering over the whole thing, hope whispered into my heart – ‘Take it slow but not low’. ‘I will start with a new zeal at the sunrise’, my heart whispered back!