Sunday, April 17, 2011

Writing – My Love is As a Fever

If writing be the food of life, go on,
Give me all of it; but even with surfeiting,
The appetite may never sicken or die.
(Modification of Shakespeare’s quote)

I like to live with the credo that my love for my creator or my kith and kins is unconditional, but does my love for writing enjoy the same status? To my cognizance writing is my passion – something I fell in love with in my early years and continue to nurture my feelings to date - sounds quite like a cliché but that’s how it really is.

While pondering over my love for writing, I decided to jot down some of the obvious reasons why I might be in love with it. Here is what I could think of:

It has anted up my voice – I can reach a million eyeballs and ears

It satisfies my urge of human right of speech and expression – something I had only heard of before

It makes me feel cocksure – the feeling that I have the efficacy to beget something overwhelms me

It wins me appreciation

Wins me friends – most of my cyber friends go gaga at my introduction as a writer – although they may get chagrined at the mediocrity of my writing afterward but by then I have already won them as friends  

Satisfies my hunger for knowledge

Very few lucky ones have the opportunity to make their passion their livelihood and I am happy to state here that I am one among them

It has given me an identity of my own – I could never wish for anything more

My friend in my loneliness – it always mitigates me in the darkest of times

It taught me the term 'writer's block' so I don't have to say 'I'm afraid' or ‘I can’t do it’


Zain said...

Yes Amna, you can do it.. You are blessed with the power of writing, affective more than any sword.. Express the real words.. Always proud on you..
Good Luck!

Bilal Lashari said...

Indeed you are a great and talented writer... and to be honest and on a serious note, I'm your FAN :) keep writing... Love it when your pen flows :)

Amna Tariq Shah said...


Thanks so much :) I am proud of having readers like you and it gives me an immense pleasure to write something that you guys can enjoy.


Wow! You are exaggerating now :p...I am just an average writer, in the process of learning. Anyways, thanks a lot for all the kind words.

fatimah siddique said...

very nice ya....keep writing!!!!

Amna Tariq Shah said...


Thanks, dear :) Glad to see you on my blog...keep visiting! Love u too :)

sapna said...

words definitely play on your pen!

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