Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Political Evolution

Today, I can proudly say that I possess the much needed civic sense that most of us lack – I finally cast my first ever national vote. May be I should have done it earlier but….Yaaaaaayyyyy!!! At least, I have learned to put my cards on the table.

To chip in a protest for your right and that of your fellowmen is nothing short of casting a vote, right?

We all talk about prompting some change or revolution to shove off our country from the current ordeal, but we seldom ever work our fingers to the bone to make it happen.

However, I am a happy soul today. I took part in the recent sit-in protest observed by PTI against the US drone attacks on our soil.

There was a hive of activity. Weaving in and out of the crowd, I could get but a brief glance of Imran Khan – the man in action. Donned in white shalwar qameez and chitrali cap, he stood there looking tenacious! The moment I looked at his face (this moment lasted only a fifth of a second) a flashback ran at the back of my mind; the moment he lifted up the cricket world cup; the campaign he led for his cancer hospital; his efforts during the flood-2010; and now he stood there showing all the ‘Experienced Politicians’ the ropes, who don’t seem to halt their blamestorming, let alone the NATO supplies.

Imran Khan? He is such a mover and shaker. Ya! He is the man. I want him to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan. At least, we should give him a chance”. Sounds cliché? I have heard a million people saying this about him, but seldom do we use our right to vote. By dint of which, he is always thrown in at the deep end.

I think it’s time we learn to get our feet under the table!


drkhattak_123 said...

well sed amna...Imran is a man who has a vision n hes one who is ready to take the risks...he can be the man who cud sail us out of our current situation..he the captain of the ship weve all been waiting for...i cast my vote for him...

Amna Tariq Shah said...


Thanks for your comment! That's true..he is a true visionary because he always goes the extra mile.

I loved the way you ended your comment...this is what I expect from my readers! Thanks again!

Zain said...

Your words pleased me, Its very good you take part in the activity and make your experience and judgment..
Yes, no doubt Imran is nice and really honest with the Nation.. His vision is bright and can pull us from darkness.. May Allah Give him success, I'm here to support him.. :)

Bilal lashari said...

great... we should give him in a chance...

Pakistani music said...

Great views .

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