Monday, April 11, 2011

Last Week, I Won a Pot Full of Wisdom in the Lottery of Life!!!

Every new day of life totes with it an overflow of lessons, making us mature enough to endure the venom of life more sensibly; preparing us to take the good things in high spirits; and helping us to learn, who means what to us in our life (because we tend to either underestimate or overestimate it quite often). Last week has been somewhat freaky for me – it has been nothing lesser than a roller coaster ride with all its see-saw effects.

Let’s first talk about the high-up; I got my dream writing project – and I feel like a million bucks for it!!!

Then, there were those obnoxious knocks at my door! The first concerned a school-time classmate (I can hardly call her my friend), who lost her only brother aged 30. I have not seen her in years, but when I heard of her loss, I had to fight back my tears. For a moment I was like a bump on a log and her face kept crossing my mind round the clock.

Then, I heard about my old school teacher, who never taught me, battling a fatal disease; the thoughts of death and tragedy kept creeping into my mind through showers of nightmare.

And then the biggest blow was the news of my friend’s divorce. A friend, I had met on FB and have never seen in real. You cannot impede anyone from dying; you cannot curb a deadly disease; but you can surely prevent falling apart of the things that you have control over.

Although, I don’t know any of them like the back of my hand, but I feel for them – at least, we share the same race – the human race!

All these happenings collectively worked as a caution light for me, professing one basic truth – we don’t know for how long we may live, so we must live happily, appeasing, and obeying Allah – to whom we are accountable for all our actions.


Bilal Lashari said...

Life is the name of Ups and downs and we are the players in this world to fight the "downs" and rejoice the "ups". May Allah bestow mercy on everyone .. AMEN

Muhammad Talha Khan said...

Loved the last paragraph!!!

Zain said...

yes, its the part of life.. Feel the pain for someone is absolutely humane, shows you are alive.. Dead people do not feel any pain..
May ALLAH grant us patience to pass all the exam, and Bestow mercy and Blessing upon us.. Ameen

Amna Tariq Shah said...


Amen...yes! It's life. And feeling these things show we are alive.

@Talha Khan

Thanks a bunch!


I totally second you...amen for the prayer!

Padmashree B said...

Very well written post about the realities of life! We should enjoy every moment of our existence and the time we spend with our loved ones to the fullest ! Exact message conveyed by my most fav movie - Kal ho na ho! ;).. U shud probably try ur hand in movie script writing ;)?

Amna Tariq Shah said...

Ahem ahem.. if you can help me get a chance in Bollywood ;)

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